The Sacred Hour ⌛

The Sacred Hour ⌛ jen casano January 24, 2024 Every day since November 4, 2023, in the late afternoon, Neithan and I would go out on a walk to have coffee at Starbucks Katipunan. A ~10-minute walk from Saabii, our apartment, this has become a daily ritual we look forward to, especially on workdays. We spend an hour, sometimes […]

Stripe and Yellow

Stripe and Yellow 🐛🐛 jen casano December 31, 2023 jen It seems I’ve been mad the entire of 2023. It was an eye-opening, life-views-I-used-to-know-shattering year. My mental model of how the world works was completely challenged. This year was marked by what turns out to be the biggest slap of reality so far – the […]

Two Makes It True

Two Makes It True 🛹 jen casano June 19, 2023 About a month into being married in 2021, our friends kept asking us “How’s married life?”… “What changed?”… Our response back then was always, “nothing much has changed…” Neithan and I lived together before getting married. So we had the chance to *pre-test* a married […]

How we stay together

How we stay together 🎮 jen casano May 16, 2023 Sharing some key elements that keep Neithan and I together. :-)) No questions in the morning or after waking up Questions need decision-making, and this can be mentally taxing. Multiple questions early in the morning or right after waking up can lead to decision fatigue, […]

Stoic Arras

Stoic Arras 🌻 jen casano May 6, 2023 Neithan and I were very particular about the details of our wedding. We wanted it to be *our* wedding. 06.19.2021 was our blank canvas for us to paint the tanjen style. We left no stone unturned in our quest to infuse every nook and cranny of our […]

84% Happy

84% Happy neithan casano May 5, 2023 I was telling Jen that ever since Mama died all relatively happy moments that happened after her death didn’t feel quite as happy anymore. It’s like life lost a little bit of its shine. Losing a parent has a way of stripping the joy out of the things […]

Question everything… even jealousy ✨

Question everything… even jealousy ✨ jen casano April 26, 2023 Question everything. When I was in college and a few weeks into my first relationship, my friends who were keen on teaching me “how to be in a relationship”, kept telling me that I had to guard my partner from other women. This led me […]


Hello! 👋 jen casano April 17, 2023 In 2021, Neithan and I built mainly as a digital invitation for our wedding. Today, April 16, 2023, we have rebuilt our little corner of the internet to keep our virtual space alive. Not sure what will become of this, but, let’s see… 🙂   ☕jen p.s. […]