Stripe and Yellow

Stripe and Yellow 🐛🐛 jen casano December 31, 2023 jen It seems I’ve been mad the entire of 2023. It was an eye-opening, life-views-I-used-to-know-shattering year. My mental model of how the world works was completely challenged. This year was marked by what turns out to be the biggest slap of reality so far – the […]

Two Makes It True

Two Makes It True 🛹 jen casano June 19, 2023 About a month into being married in 2021, our friends kept asking us “How’s married life?”… “What changed?”… Our response back then was always, “nothing much has changed…” Neithan and I lived together before getting married. So we had the chance to *pre-test* a married […]

84% Happy

84% Happy neithan casano May 5, 2023 I was telling Jen that ever since Mama died all relatively happy moments that happened after her death didn’t feel quite as happy anymore. It’s like life lost a little bit of its shine. Losing a parent has a way of stripping the joy out of the things […]